Terms & Conditions

My Free Lottery Pool is a web-based advertising website. No wagering or gambling takes place on this site. This site is free to join and play for anyone 18 years or older. All participants are responsible to adhering to their own local, State and Federal laws, or the laws within their respective country. All monetary references displayed on this site are 'estimates only' and refer to gross proceeds before deducting for any State, Federal and/or local taxes, as well as costs associated with the distribution of winnings. My Free Lottery Pool reserves the right to retain all winnings that are less than the full jackpot amount.

My Free Lottery Pool also reserves up to 200 'reserved shares' in all pools. These 'reserved shares' will be typically used for designated charities and/or in exchange for special services provided to My Free Lottery Pool by third party contractors such as website programmers, legal services, advertising, marketing and public relations as My Free Lottery Pool deems fit.

In the event of a winning pool, the total number of shares to be distributed will be adjusted according to the actual number of pool participants and entries including any 'reserved shares'.

Prior to the official drawing, My Free Lottery Pool purchases and posts to the website genuine Powerball, Megamillions and/or SuperLotto tickets paid for with website advertising revenue. The number of free pools and number of tickets purchased can vary from week to week.

Only members who are registered in the winning pool, including the pre-designated pool sponsor, charity organization/s and any other reserved members, will participate in any jackpot winnings. Members may have up to two entries (shares) per pool.

My Free Lottery Pool reserves the right to deny or cancel a membership at any time and for any reason.

In the event of a Jackpot win (typically, matching 6 numbers out of 6 official drawing numbers), My Free Lottery Pool automatically retains 10% of the jackpot "Net" winnings. The remaining 90% will be distributed evenly among the pool members, pool sponsor and pre-designated charitable organization/s (see Pool Details on Homepage).

In the event of a winning jackpot, all pool members will be notified by a Certified Public Accounting Firm and issued specific instructions on how to claim their share of the winnings. You will NEVER be asked for a credit card or to send money.

All winnings distribution costs will be subtracted out of the winnings on a per member basis. Therefore, the easier you make it for the Accounting Firm to issue your share of the winnings, the less that will be subtracted from your share of the winnings. In the case where funds cannot be transferred into a country outside the US, you will be given the option to travel to the US to pick up your share of the winnings. All costs associated with travel arrangements, airfare and accomodations will be made by and paid for upfront by the Certified Public Accounting Firm and deducted from your share of the winnings.


Only one membership per adult.

Players may only register and play for themselves.

All participants in any winning pool will be asked to present valid identification to verify name, age and address, i.e., passport, driver's license or official identification, and only by a United States Licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm.

Anyone having more than one membership, or who plays for another member, or whose profile does not exactly match that which appears on their official identification will be automatically disqualified and forfeit any winnings.

Please Note: In the event of a winning pool, the news and pool member notification, instructions and all updates regarding winnings distribution will be posted directly to the website and at the time of member login.