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Powerball is a consortium of 42 US States and coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association. The game uses a two drum system whereby players try to pick 5 out of 59 possible white balls Plus 1 out of a possible 35 red balls also known as the "Powerball". Tickets cost $ 2 USD each. Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm PST.
Draw Date: Apr 15th 2015
Draw Time: 08:00 pm PST
Estimated Jackpot: $40,000,000
Estimated Payout Per Share* $32,000
Estimated Pool Size: 1250
Pool Status: CLOSED
Charity: International Red Cross
*Estimated Payouts are based on one entry per pool registrant, as well as a full pool and full Jackpot win. Individual Payouts will be adjusted accordingly for multiple entries. Estimates are calculated before any applicable taxes and costs associated with winnings distribution. retains 10% of all net jackpot winnings as well as up to 200 reserved shares.

Please see Faq #8 for Admiral's Club information and Faq #10 for complete payout and reserved shares information. Frequently Asked Questions

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