My Free Lotto Pool

My Free Lottery Pool

Daniel Bader, aka Captain Dano!

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    Welcome to MyFreeLotteryPool.Com, also known as FreeLotteryPool.Com! I created the Free Lottery Pool concept as a way for lottery enthusiasts around the world to play in the world's largest Jackpot lottery games, absolutely Free!

   Since our launch in 2007, we have been hosting the world's largest online free lottery pools with thousands of members in over 100 countries. Each month, we host in excess of 20 free lottery pools and purchase approximately $300 worth of genuine Powerball and Megamillions tickets paid for with website advertising revenue.

   There are absolutely no gimmicks, no spam, no scam, no hype, no upsells, adware or spyware. Morever, we do not place cookies on your computer to track your browsing history and you may easily cancel your account at anytime for any reason. Our free lottery pools are 100% safe, fun and absolutely free to join and play.

Our free lottery pools are open to serious lottery players who are positive, patient and who fully participate.

(Please see our comprehensive FAQ page for answers to nearly any question)

You will never be asked to send money, nor will you ever receive anything in your mailbox.

  We make no false promises nor are we under any illusion that it's easy to win a lottery. We just keep playing with patience and persistence while having fun playing Powerball, MegaMillions and Super Lotto with the hope that one day we all might share in a life changing Jackpot...for free! MyFreeLotteryPool.Com is a win/win for everyone, including us.

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My Free Lottery Pool

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