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Play Powerball & Megamillions for Free...Really!

Welcome to the World's Largest 100% Free Online Lottery Pool. We purchase real Powerball, Megamillions & SuperLotto tickets with website advertising revenue and share those tickets with all registered members in our daily lottery pools.

 All Members who are Registered in a Winning Pool have the Potential to Win Tens of Thousands of Dollars each...Absolutely Free! 

  Fun, Safe, Fast & 100% Transparent.
All Tickets are Posted Prior to Every Drawing and the Results are 100% Verifiable.

No Spam, No False Hype, No Gimmicks...Ever.

How To Play: "MY BETS!"

Now you can bet Lucky Reward Points that your picks will come closer to the Official Drawing Results than Captain Dano's picks. We use our My Picks Prize Table to determine the winner. Whoever scores better on the My Picks Prize Table Wins! (In the event of a tie, neither one wins and the points you bet will be automatically added back into your Lucky Reward Point balance).

It's easy!

You can wager any number of Lucky Reward Points you have in your account. Your bet will appear in the Predictions Bar on the homepage. (Click on "View My Bets" on the Predictions Bar).

My Bets

Once you enter an open pool and select "My Picks", you will be given the option to play "My Bet". If you would like to place a wager, simply enter the number of Lucky Reward Points you would like to bet and then click Submit. The number of points you bet will be automatically deducted from your Lucky Reward Point balance. If you win the bet, the number of points you bet will be Doubled and added into your Lucky Reward Point balance.

Of course, if you prefer not to wager, simply click "No Thanks".

Once the Official Drawing Results have been posted, come back to the site to see if you've won.

My Free Lottery Pool

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