My Free Lotto Pool


Play My Picks to Win Lucky Reward Points & First Cabin Memberships...for Free!

It's Simple! After you register into an open pool, simply select your own set of 6 Powerball or MegaMillions numbers and then click the CLOSE Button. If you want your numbers to be automatically picked, just click on Quick Picks and then the CLOSE Button.

Once you enter your special "My Picks" your prediction will appear on our 'Live' Predictions feed on the homepage. Then, once the pool closes, your My Picks will appear next to your lucky username in the pool roster. Once the official results are posted, just login and click on the View Pool Roster & Results button. Your pool rank number will appear next to the sponsor image on the Pool Roster header.

All numbers that you correctly picked will be highlighted in red and your prize announced on the scrolling marquee located at the top of the Pool Roster.

My Picks Prize Table

All My Picks Lucky Reward Points that you win will be automatically added to your Lucky Reward Points account. You will have to scroll to your Pool Rank Number to see if you are a First Cabin winner. If so, notify Captain Dano at: [email protected] to claim your prize.


My Free Lottery Pool


"My Link" porthole to the world!

Now you can broadcast your website, blog, favorite video, or whatever you wish to tell the world about...for Free!

You'll get our special My Link Icon that will appear in every pool roster you enter so that members from all around the world can visit your personal website, blog, favorite video, pictures, stories and articles, press release, or anywhere You wish to take them on the web! (Please, no religious, political or adult content.)

For example; let's say that you own a restaurant in Queensland, Australia. By adding My Link to your profile, you'll be able to continuously share your restaurant with thousands of friends - all around the world.

Or, maybe you'd like our friends to see your website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter page, favorite music video (maybe your own music video), pictures, or favorite blog. You're only limited by your imagination. Members who scroll through our very popular pool roster will be able to identify your link by the special Porthole Icon. When they click on the My Link Porthole, they'll be taken to wherever you wish to take them!

You can change your link anytime in your account page. Have fun and share your special interests with friends in over 80 countries! .

It's 100% Free and Fun. To activate, just login, click on My Profile and insert your link under MyLink near the bottom of your profile page. Remember, you must re-enter your email address and password to save the link in your profile.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Captain Dano using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.


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