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Welcome to the World's Largest 100% Free Online Lottery Pool. We purchase real Powerball, Megamillions & SuperLotto tickets with website advertising revenue and share those tickets with all registered members in our daily lottery pools.

 All Members who are Registered in a Winning Pool have the Potential to Win Tens of Thousands of Dollars each...Absolutely Free! 

  Fun, Safe, Fast & 100% Transparent.
All Tickets are Posted Prior to Every Drawing and the Results are 100% Verifiable.

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Ryan P. - Twin Fall, Idaho, USA
  Capt'n Dano Thanks for this awesome web site! This is a great site for those who want to play the lottery but don't want to pay!!! Really is a great deal and the site is always updated and with great communication from Capt'n Dano you never miss an opportunity to play. Any one thinking of joining, DO IT nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Thanks also to all the sponsors who help make it possible. Thanks so much and good luck to us all!!!
Ryan P. Twin Falls, Idaho

Frank Ambrusko - Eugene, Oregon, USA
  Sounds like people are anxious to win, huh?  Well, it takes time and perseverance at best to accomplish our goals.  All my friends here in Eugene, Oregon realize that.  We talk at work and support each other, always reminding ourselves how important it is to be consistent. We always encourage each other to jump in and play when a new pool is open. "Success blooms from the seeds of diversity!" You can't be a winner if you're not a player. I think that you're doing a wonderful job and I commend you! Please keep up the good work and remember that you have players that enjoy and look forward to each and every pool that you sponsor!  In the meantime, I'll keep trying to pass the good word and send more people your way.  After all, what a kick in the pants it would be to win, I'd be thanking you, and my friends would be thanking me.  And so the circle goes...! Take care, I wish us all the best!

Sameer - Pune, India
  My Free Lottery Poool is really a different kind of effort. We are playing with the hope that one day we will hit the Jackpot. This is something like a dream which has fair chances to become true. And the other side is we do not have to pay any money for the dream. With My Free Lottery Pool we are just sharing our luck with others. Nobody knows whose luck is going to hit the jackpot so the more people in the pool the better the chances of hitting the Jackpot. Captain Dano has come up with very unique idea of "sharing your luck". I would like to invite more people to join Captain Dano's pool. "I was dreaming before now I can dream for free". I invite everyone to come, dream and play Captain Dano's My Free Lottery Pool.

Frank - Eugene, Oregon, USA
  Just wanted you to know how much fun it is playing your free lottery pool. Since joining, I've managed to convince several friends here in Eugene, Oregon to participate, after all it's free and what does one have to lose? Lots of excited players here, please keep up the good work ! We're behind you, 100 percent!

Veronica - Coupeville, Washington, USA
  In this day and age, life is tough. Signing up with Capt'n Dano gives me dreams to dream and lifts my spirit twice a week. Let us all be diligent in getting new members.

Kiki - Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
  I'm 84 years old, my kids got me playing. I look forward to your alerts of when to play. I may be old but not stupid to turn down a free chance at money. Keep them coming...

Sunny Shaik - Nellore, India
  It's been great participating in My Free Lottery Pool. I am enjoying it very much and looking forward to hitting the Jackpot. So don't miss this free opportunity to participate. There is nothing to lose.

Phyllis - Pleasant Hill, California, USA
  Thank you so very much for giving us lottery players a chance to play the game with you. The free part is great,and sharing with others is a plus. Better to share, helping others is a good thing. Makes more people happy in these days of bad economy. Thanks again!

Maria - Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
  I like playing My Free Lottery Pool. I'm really enjoying it.

Tom - Tacoma, Washington, USA
  Thanks for the fun and excitement - My wife and kids play every game. One never knows. One win and my bills are paid.Thank you again. We're in it for the long run. Let's win Captin Dano!!!!!!

Teri - Newport Beach, California, USA
  Hi Capt Dano, What a great website you have. I love going to it and playing the lottery and not even spending money. How great is that especially when i win the big one. I'm always blogging to my friends about your site. They all love it. Can't wait to hit the big jackpot!!!

Ryan - Salmon, Idaho, USA
  Just wanted to thank you for such a great web site enjoy it a lot. I hope some day we hit the big one for all of us. Thanks again you do a great job!

Uketa - Albany, Georgia, USA
  Thank you for making this opportunity available to people. You are a very kind individual. You are not like any of those scammers on the internet these days. Again thanks!

Ronald Ritter - Gutherie, Oklahoma, USA
  My name is Ronald Ritter. I am a paraplegic and on Social Security and I saw the email about the lottery pool. I would like to see more people get into the Lottery pool and get a chance to win some money, JOIN UP NOW! God Bless and Keep You.

Saqib - Punjab, Pakistan
  Hi there, this is a really easy to follow platform if u wish to have no input but still can hope for any output which can be more than u hope for! This guy dano is doin really nice stuff. thanks for that mate!

Rafiu - Ibadan, Nigeria
  It is my pleasure to write to this email to inform the world about how best is your website is and I get a chance to let the world know that you are the best. And i want to tell the world that they too should apply for it so that they too stand a chance to win for free.

Rafiu Makkan - Saudi Arabia
  My is great! Thank you.

Abhisek - Orissa, India
  My free lottery pool is great! It's full of exitement. It's a chance to win a lot without any investment.

Gregory - Langley, South Carolina, USA
  I am VERY sincere about my gratitude to YOU, for making it possible for us LUCKY pool members to play in all of these wonderful lottories that I personally would NOT be able to afford to play in on my own. PLEASE, do feel free to use my personal testimony on your testimony page and hopefuly inspire others to either join us and to also play in all of these wonderful lottories! Thank You again!

Jeanne - Newport Coast, California, USA
  I'm Very Happy With MyFreeLotteryPool. This site adds excitement to my day and also keeps my dreams alive to be part of "MyFreeLotteryPool"! Thank you for keeping this site going for everyone out there so they can keep dreaming, too!!!

George - Orange, California, USA
  I think my free lotto is a great web site and plan to keep going on it for years to come. Thank you for having it!

Bob - Tacoma, Washington, USA
  Ever since my friend Tom told me about your site I have found myself feeling a little more optimistic. It's because Free Lottery pool gives me an easy way to participate in a lottery that I may not have been a part of otherwise. I visit your site everyday looking for the next available pool. The optimism comes from knowing there is a chance of hitting a pool and winning at least a portion of it. I keep my expectations in check however knowing that the odds of hitting are still very high. The thing is, it didn't cost me anything to participate, so I don't feel like I wasted any money by playing. I told my son, a college student, about your site and he visits it regularly also. Another plus for me is that I used to be tempted to buy a hundred tickets all at once. Your site has shown me that is not a wise idea. Anyway, I enjoy the opportunity to play. Thank you!

Mika - Fenwick, Michigan, USA
  I Love It brings another exciting thing to the table!

Helen Deal - De Valle, Texas, USA
  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy playing your free lotto. I rush home from work every day to join the new pool. I just know one of these days we'll win big!!!!!

Joel - Houston, Texas, USA
All I can say is that for everyone that is not yet taking advantage of; please please immediately stop what you are doing and call 911!! Because you are definitely walking around dazed and confused. Here is an opportunity ( or what I like to call a no brainer) to register on a website, that asks for no personal information, and allows you the chance to share lottery winnings with others in the same pool, so we all can walk away big time! And now here is the kicker. This is absolutely free to participate and free to win! Since the advertising on the site is paying for the tickets; we don't have too. Quite frankly, if I had a company and was looking for a place to advertise; would be it. Because once everyone that is not yet doing this; goes to the dictionary and looks up the following words: absolutely, free, chance, to, win - all heck is going to break loose! Thank you Captain Dano!

Andrew Stewart - New Zealand
  Love playing My Free Lottery Pool!! I'm about to start another drive to get more 'downunder' people involved so when you see them popping up on your register, you'll know I've been on the job. Keep it up!

Lynn - Newport Beach, CA, USA
  Just a quick note to let you know my friends and I throughly look forward to each and every Powerball, Super Lotto Plus, and Mega Millions night! We now stay in and meet @ each others homes to have a pot-luck dinner or just appetizers and wine while waiting for the results! You are definitely on to something here....not only giving us hope and something to look forward to, but good old fashion neighborhood get togethers like when we were growing up in the 70's...Keep up the good work and know I am personally spreading word of "My Free Lottery Pool!

Barkat - Karchi, Pakistan
  First of all lots of thanks Daniel Bader. I love freelotterypool because the site design is lovely with very nice rules to play and win. I want to play every time And I hope that i'll be a winner one day. and i shall complete my dreams. I'll buy my own home, and buy a new car. Thank you so much Daniel for this site. I think it is so great to let us play for free around the world. You Know I really don't have the words to say about this kind person and mind in the world - its so great.

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